Thank you Lincoln School!

I had a blast today at Lincoln School presenting my CLEAR message to an awesome group of students. You guys ROCKED! Thanks for asking so many great questions. I want you all to know that you are AWESOME. I hope you remember my CLEAR message and apply it to your life.

Remember that you are created for a special purpose so please respect yourself in all of your choices. Don’t just do things because the other kids are doing them. Do what is good and right for you. One student asked me if I have ever given up on myself. My answer was NO. And I hope you never give up on yourself either. You are important and there is a plan for your life that is good. Don’t die to be accepted by doing what everyone else is doing to try to be popular. Live to make a difference. You are worth it! Have a fun Christmas break. Let”s keep in touch. Post a comment and I’ll respond.

With Courage, Leadership, Endurance, Attitude and Respect, have a successful life!