Success Story – Kobey’s Computer

Kobey Sage-Chew was born prematurely and came into the world with many challenges. He has been through more surgeries than most of us will ever have in our life time. He is missing bones in his arms and has some complications in his digestive system.

It is difficult for Kobey to hold a pencil and write for long periods of time. He had to use one of the school computers in the library to write his essays for class assignments. But each time he’d get a different computer and was required to retrain the voice software. It was frustrating and prevented him from keeping up with his work.

When we learned of this issue we went to work to figure out the best solution for his needs.

With a Gabriel’s Foundation of HOPE grant, we purchased him an Hewlett-Packard Laptop and loaded it with the programs he needed to succeed including Dragon Naturally Speaking voice software.

Kobey’s New HP Voice Activated Computer
Mr. Sander and his Leota students


We tapped into Leota Junior High’s video production class to help us surprise Kobey. Mr. Sander and his students caught the moment on video.

Kobey was delighted and went right to work training his new laptop.

He reported to us recently that he has been able to write four times as many sentences with this new computer.We look forward to reading more of Kobey*s work and watching how your dollars donated have benefited another individual dealing with disability. Watch for more updates on our website as we track Kobey’s success.

If you know someone who needs our help, our grant applications are available here on our website.

Another great way that your donations met the needs of an individual living with a disability!