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We are so excited to launch our nonprofit organization – Gabriel’s Foundation of HOPE.  This organization has been a dream for many years as we have experienced life as parents of a child with a disability.  Gabriel (we call him Gabe) is 23 now.  The years have flown.  We have spent time high on the mountain and low in the valley in the years since he was born.

Gabe’s birth defects were a complete surprise to us.  We had no prior warning and no history of physical birth defects in either of our families.  After overcoming the initial shock, we quickly learned that Gabriel was an amazing young man.

I have chronicled the story of raising Gabe in my journal.  I’ve kept a journal for 39 years.  There are some years where my entries were few and far between.  But over the last 10 or 12 years, I have written almost daily.

We hope that you will browse through our website and let us know of any family in need.  Our goal is to help encourage families dealing with disability in a variety of ways.

Have a great day.  Thanks for checking out our web site.  Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions.



Joseph Chillemi2011-11-13 20:36:13

Steve, it was great meeting you, Gabe and your wife this morning! Somehow, I missed 7pm service last night and ended up going to the 9am this morning. My wife and I are the proud parents of a 9 year old boy named Vincent. Vincent has been hospitalized more than 50 times since birth as the result of a severe metabolic disorder that brought him near death too many times! Vincent received a kidney and liver Transplant in April of this year and he is thriving like never before! With all the attacks on Vincent's liver, kidneys, pancreas, immune system, eyes, ears, brain and muscular skeletal system Vincent has a long way to go. He is non verbal and developmentally delayed and requires 24 hour care for every daily task i.e. Feeding via a feeding pump. We are struggling to help with signing, writing, and bacic communication skills. And, we have been looking for a breakthrough to help him have a guide dog companion for safety and confidence.

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