Jubilee REACH School in Bellevue

Last week I spoke to a group of students at the Jubilee REACH School in Bellevue. It was a lot of fun sharing my story with these students.

The age group was between kindergarten and high school and they asked some great questions. I’m sure there are other questions that didn’t get asked so please feel free to comment here and ask away. I love to answer questions.

Here is some information I found on their website:

Jubilee REACH

Bring Jesus’ Healing, Build Community, and·Transform Lives

REACH– Provide Resources, Education, Assistance, Community and Hospitality to youth and families on the margins.·

Our mission is to Love, Listen and Learn and step in the gaps for our neighbors in need. We seek to provide the tools for an environment of Hope for children and adults economically, academically and culturally stressed in the city of Bellevue.

The situation in the Bellevue:

  • 52 languages are spoken in local schools
  • 64% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch
  • School children are struggling academically; 50% earning D’s and F’s
  • Often working poor, single parents are unable to afford medical or dental care, before and after school care and live in poor, overcrowded conditions
  • A large population of immigrant families, suffering from cultural isolation, alienation and the resulting loneliness

At Jubilee REACH we:

  • Build relationships, earn trust, and then respond to the needs—all with love and hospitality
  • Partner with more than 1,000 volunteers, local schools, the city, churches, foundations, businesses and individuals to step into the gap with community care and programs that are stepping stones into long term success.
  • Offer a hand up, not a hand out

Jubilee REACH’s model is not to duplicate or replicate, but to integrate, advocate and collaborate with those who are already invested and working in the community. The programs at Jubilee REACH rely heavily on donor and volunteer support in collaboration with local schools, city government, churches and businesses. Heavily supported by volunteers, Jubilee REACH is able to operate through the gift of more than 4,000 hours of service a month by 1,000 faithful volunteers in 39 “need based” programs. All programs are offered at minimal or no cost to the participants.

I hope to go back and share with these students and faculty again.

Thanks Jubilee REACH School!