Generation Church Camp day 1 8/4/10

Hi everyone! I am just giving an update since I haven’t posted on here since last year. I will be posting regularly about my day, things that I do, or just my thoughts. It is July 26th and I am so far enjoying my summer.

I am currently looking for a job with the help of DVR. I had a meeting with a guy from DVR to help me create my resume and cover letter. I have another meeting on Wednesday to start looking for a job. I am hoping and praying that God gives me a job in the near future. I am also praying about what to about school coming this fall. I am planning on taking a few courses at Cascadia Community College and then eventually transfering to another school. Please pray that God shows me the right school to go to.

Along with looking for a job my family and I are working on getting our foundation bigger so we can help the people who need it. I will hopefully be speaking more as apart of Gabriel’s Foundation of Hope to schools, churches, and communities. If anybody has any places that need a speaker, please let me know or let them know about me. We are also getting my new speaking brochure designed so I will be sending those out once it is done.

That is all for now but like I said I will be posting on here on a regular basis. Please leave comments or questions if you have any. God Bless

Philippians 4:13