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  • anonymous
    anonymous said This donation is to go toward a vehicle for Gabe. God moved on my heart to contribute before I knew anything about you but God knows everything about you. Continue to walk in His grace and love.
  • Amy Lackey & Bruce Ford donated 1000 $
    Amy Lackey & Bruce Ford said Hope is a powerful gift! Gabe and the Murfitt family continue to give hope to so many. We love and support what you are doing!
  • Stuart Terashita
    Stuart Terashita said God Bless you Gabe! You inspire us!
  • award_star_bronze_3.png anonymous donated 50 $
    anonymous said Truly inspirational!
  • award_star_bronze_3.png Marybeth and Doug Bryant donated 50 $
  • award_star_bronze_3.png Marv Weese donated 50 $
    Marv Weese said To Gabe - The "strongest" man I know - Thank you for your book and inspiration! - 4-13 - Happy Birthday Gabe!!
  • Gigi Murfitt donated 25 $
    Gigi Murfitt said In memory of Jumbo Grubich. A great man and friend to all.
  • Gigi Murfitt donated 25 $
    Gigi Murfitt said Memorial donation in memory of Lavina Petruska
  • Judy Devine
    Judy Devine said In Memory of Matt Strizich
  • Steve and Gigi Murfitt donated 25 $
    Steve and Gigi Murfitt said In loving memory of Lynn Francisco. She was a great woman and a mom to many more than her own children.
  • Judy Devine donated 25 $
    Judy Devine said In Memory of Tony Laslovich
  • Judy Devine donated 25 $
    Judy Devine said In memory of Frank Shotwell 9220 Utah St. N.E. Bremerton, WA 98311
  • Gigi Murfitt donated 20 $
    Gigi Murfitt said In Memory of Gary Mason Cressey - Ann Heartsong's dad
  • Stuart Terashita donated 10 $
    Stuart Terashita said Gabe is an outstanding young man!


Donor Wall:

Donor Wall is a frequently updated source for recognizing gifts to Gabe’s HOPE.

  • Agner, John and Jan

  • Anaconda Public School District 10

  • Anacortes High School

  • Anonymous Donor

  • Bailey, Scott

  • Bellevue Dental Care

  • Betsey Pahut

  • Blevins, Brian

  • Boese, Wayne and Carolyn

  • Bowens, Elizabeth M

  • Bray, Donald and Honore

  • Brown, Michael G

  • Brubaker, Bill and Marlene

  • Bryant, Douglas and Marybeth

  • Buhl, Mary

  • Bullock, Scott

  • Butler, Kirtis and Jamie

  • Cedar Park Assembly of God Church

  • Clavero, Ray and Laura

  • Cummings, Jean McMahon

  • Davis Grimm Payne & Marra, Inc

  • Davison, Alan and Shelley

  • Dee Motor Company

  • Deeny Construction Co., Inc.

  • Delosh, Joanne

  • Devine, Jim and Cathy

  • Devine, Judy

  • Devine, Maureen

  • Durning, William

  • Evans & Sons, Inc.

  • Everett, Ben and Charmaine

  • Everhard, Cathy

  • Flint, Roberta

  • Foutz, Nick and Cheryl

  • Francisco, Bob and Lynn

  • Fuiten, John and Florence

  • Funchess, Lori

  • Gen Con, LLC

  • Gillespie, William

  • Goodheart, Dennis and Kathy

  • Havens, Scott and Lee

  • Heartsong, Anne E

  • Inman, Nancy

  • Jacobsen, Joseph and Gail

  • Jensen, Jeff

  • Jones, Jeff and Sarah

  • Jones, Sam and Debbie

  • Joni and Friends Disability Center

  • Jordan Contracting, Inc

  • Jordan, Joe and Rosemary

  • Joyce, Tom and Dorothy

  • Kallinen, Nancy

  • Krakenberg, Nina

  • Kuffner, Joseph and Charlotte

  • Lindquist, Jo Ann

  • Lowery, Helen

  • Lowthian, BettyMae

  • Lowthian, Mary Pat

  • Manning, James and Lenore

  • Marshall, Linda J

  • Maywood Hills Elementary School

  • McCarthy, Kimberly

  • McGreevey, Edward J.

  • McKenna, Mary Lynn and Amy

  • McMahon, Amelia J

  • Meredith, Jim

  • Messer, Blaine and Janet

  • Miller, Scott and Carolyn

  • Moffitt, Dottie

  • Morrison, Jack and Lori

  • Mortan, Inc.

  • Mortenson, Sara

  • Murfitt, Russ and Lori

  • Murfitt, Steve and Gigi

  • Murfitt, Zane G

  • My Message is CLEAR – Cash Donations

  • Neitz, Dean and Trilby

  • Nelson, Cynthia

  • Noetix

  • Northwest Ministry Conference

  • Nystrom, Marty and Jeanne

  • Odom, Hazel R

  • Ohman, Gary and Marilyn

  • Paccom, Inc.

  • Page, Steven M

  • Pahut, Betsy

  • Parrish, Jeff

  • Peterson, Raymond and Josephine

  • Petruska, Patti

  • Przelomiec, Thomas and Rosemary

  • Radonich, Pete and Helen

  • Radonich, Thomas and Sandra

  • Reed, James E

  • Sampson, James

  • Schalk, Mathias

  • Skiles, Violet

  • Smith, Katy

  • Soroptomist Sno-King Foundation

  • Steve Fiorito

  • Stromberg, Kay

  • Sturm, Robert and Bernie

  • Terashita, Jadina

  • The Center

  • Thomson, John and Laura

  • Turtle, Joseph M

  • Tuss, Mary Pat

  • Ungaretti, Joe and Heidi

  • Valley Christian School

  • Wallace, William

  • Walsh, Eugene and Margaret

  • Washington Middle School PTA

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