Day 1 of my fast

Well this is the first day of my week long fast from watching television. I have to admit that when God told me to fast from something and I decided that it would be TV I was a little excited. I have never fasted from something so big before so I was like it will be a good week to spend time praying and reading my bible. I thought a lot over the weekend what I wanted to bring to God so he could give me some direction in areas of my life. Like I said I have never taken a lot of time to pray so I was excited to hear from God. I was definitely mistaken at how easy I thought it could be.

As I woke up this morning I was ready to grab my bible and read some scripture. I went downstairs put some Hillsong music on and just sat for awhile. Then I opened my bible, not quite sure where to start so I opened to Proverbs and read the seventh chapter being that it is Nov 7th. That was something I always did was read the same numbered chapter of a book on that same date. After I read I sat on the floor and just began to talk to God about my future. It was weird being the only one in my house and talking out loud. My dogs probably thought I had gone crazy or something. It was great to just bask in the presence of God with no other distractions like the TV.

After I was done I looked at the clock and I had spent about an hour and a half spending time with God. I was all proud of myself. Then I asked myself what should I do next? All of the sudden I was at a lost of ideas because usually I would just go turn the TV on and all was fine. This time I couldn’t do that. So I sat for awhile just thinking of what I could do for the next several hours. I first decided to go for a long walk around Woodinville and continue my prayer time with God. I then looked out the window and what do you know…it was raining. I know a shocker for Seattle. I scratched that idea and said I will…what? Again I couldn’t think of what else there was for me to do. For awhile I just said around and wondered about different things. At times I let my imagination run wild like I was a little boy again.

Then my dad came home for lunch. He was actually surprised I didn’t have the TV on but then he was so proud! Seeing that made the rest of the day worth it for me. As we were talking he brought up a very interesting point that I hadn’t really thought about yet. He asked me if I thought it was interesting how much time I had on my hands now that I wasn’t watching TV. When he said that it hit me. Yes this fast is to help me get closer to God and for him to give some direction. I think it is also an eye opener to the fact that we have so much time on our hands every day but we just don’t realize it. I know I sure didn’t. I has been so easy for me to wake up, then go turn the TV on to ESPN and watch time just pass me by. That is not what God wants for us though. He wants us to relish the time that he has given us because the truth of the matter is we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We don’t know what tomorrow will be like so we need to delight in what we have today!  I am thankful God told me to do this because it has definitely opened my eyes to certain things. I hope that everyone will be able to see how precious time is and not take it for granted like I have.


I will be posting everyday (hopefully) so stay tuned for the days to come! Thanks for reading

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